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  • Located in Northern, Nevada

    Contact Us Today To Learn More About What We Do!

    Toll Free: 1-877-744-1744

    Local: 1-775-783-8566

    Email: Sales@aqua-sun-intl.com

    Purchasing Requirements

    We encourage all orders to be phoned in to eliminate any mistakes

    Contact Info: Greg Hanson, Rochelle Re, Brody Hanson

    Toll Free: 1-877- 744 – 1744


    Payment is: Personal or Company Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order.

    For Credit Card use:  Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express

    Credit Card Limit: $15,000 maximum. Anything over this limit must be Paid by a  Wire Transfer to the bank below. If a Credit Card Must be used, than  Buyer  pays all Transaction Fees on Full Amount of Order.

    International Terms:  Prepayment Only.

    For Domestic and International Payment: a Bank to Bank Wire Funds -

    Transfer is the Preferred Method of Payment. U.S. Dollars Only


    For Mailing Funds, use the following information.

    Mailing Address for Aqua Sun International.


    Aqua Sun International

    P.O. Box 2919,

    Minden, Nevada  89423 - 2919  U.S.A.

    Phone;   775 / 783.8566

    Fax;       775 / 201.0043

    E-mail; sales@aqua-sun-intl.com


    For Wiring Funds, use the following information.

    Aqua Sun Bank Account Info.


    Wiring Funds to BANK of AMERICA

    Call for Full Details


    - All Prices are U.S. Dollars. Shipping, Handling, Tax, Duties and

      Tariffs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

    - All Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Seller is not

      liable for non-fulfillment due to causes beyond their control.

    - Specifications subject to change without notice.

    - All Products Shipped - FOB Minden, Nevada, 89423 U.S.A.

    - Freight Carries used;  Federal Express, United Parcel Service (UPS), U.S. Postal Service. DHL.

    - For Larger Shipments and Orders, Rosemont Transport Services Customhouse Brokers Domestic / International Freight. Global Trans Shipping.

    -Aqua Sun International reserves the right to make all sales final on purchases.

    - Aqua Sun International reserves the right and has the option to give No Refunds, only Credit will be supplied on all orders and our systems at our discretion.

    - Return Goods or Merchandise will not be accepted without prior authorization by Aqua Sun.

    - A Handling and Reconditioning Fee will be charged under the appropriate circumstances and is subject to a 15%   restocking charge. A return merchandise authorization number must appear on all packages.

    - ASI reserves the right to redesign or modify its product line without incurring liability.

    Aqua Sun International  reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

    - A Warranty Certificate is enclosed with each system. A sample copy is available upon request.


    Aqua Sun International : P.O. Box 2919, Minden, Nevada 89423 U.S.A.

    Tel: 775 / 783.8566     Toll Free: 877 / 744 – 1744      U.S. Fax: 775 / 201.0043      International Fax: +44 - 870 / 163.5682      U.K. Fax: 870 / 163.5682

    E-mail: sales@aqua-sun-intl.com


    ?Aqua Sun International is a registered DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR, an approved UNITED NATIONS SUPPLIER, and a member of the AMERICAN SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY (ASES).


    Aqua Sun International Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

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