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  • Located in Northern, Nevada

    Contact Us Today To Learn More About What We Do!

    Toll Free: 1-877-744-1744

    Local: 1-775-783-8566

    Email: Sales@aqua-sun-intl.com

    Aqua Sun International proudly supports the men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present, and their families.

    Over the years, we have provided employment and support to many of our nations heroes.

    The following Veterans are currently working in our offices and warehouse to support the mission once again.

    Christopher Lash

    Christopher Lash is a United States Naval Veteran.  He served two tours in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from 2003 until 2007.  For the First two years he served as an Airman, Fueling Aircraft on the flight deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz. After Cross Rating and becoming an Engineman, he continued to serve onboard the USS Nimitz, below decks, supporting the Reactor department. Chris has one son and resides in his hometown of Carson City, Nevada.

    Brian Muller

    Brian Muller, President of Clean Water and Power is a Veteran from the U.S. Army who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. He saw the need first hand for clean water for emergency response and drinking purposes during the wars. After serving his Country and coming home to the U.S. he teamed up with Aqua Sun International to help develop a Clean Water, Rapid Response Plan.

    Aqua Sun International : P.O. Box 2919, Minden, Nevada 89423 U.S.A.

    Tel: 775 / 783.8566     Toll Free: 877 / 744 – 1744      U.S. Fax: 775 / 201.0043      International Fax: +44 - 870 / 163.5682      U.K. Fax: 870 / 163.5682

    E-mail: sales@aqua-sun-intl.com


    ?Aqua Sun International is a registered DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CENTRAL CONTRACTOR, an approved UNITED NATIONS SUPPLIER, and a member of the AMERICAN SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY (ASES).


    Aqua Sun International Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone

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